Committee Chairpeople

Board of Directors By Committee
Special Needs Clinics  Chair: Mike Nelson
Appropriations Chair: Al Hodish
Nominations Chair Tom GillAl Hodish, Mike Thearle
Executive President Russ Ketcham
Outreach Program Chair Charlie Russo, Rick Suris, Harry Jacobs
Greenport Shootout Chair Harry Jacobs, Billy Rebman
Shootout for Soldiers Chair: Harry Jacobs
“Doc Schoenbaum” Golf Outing Co Chairs Billy Rebman & Howie Borkan
Hall of Fame President Russ Ketcham
Nominations – Men (In year 2 of a 4 year term) Chair Harvey Cohen, John Phillips, Tom Postel, Tom Rotanz, Howie Borkan, Harry Jacobs, Billy Rebman, Angela Ritchie, Campi, Joe Kovar, & Jack Kaley
Nominations – Women (In year 2 of a 4 year term) Tom Campolettano, Chris Quinn, Rosalia Gioia, Greg Lane, Melissa DeAngelo, Carol Ann Ronbeck
Dinner Co-Chairs Dorothy & Mike Thearle, Tom Postel
Journal Chair: Tom Campolettano
Photographer Hutch Vander Schuyt
Plaques Angela Ritchie
Raffle Joe Kovar
Rings Billy Rebman
Slide Presentation Harry Jacobs
Citations Howie Borkan /Angela Ritchie
Harvey Cohen Outstanding LIMLF Service Award (plaque) Chair: George FoxHarvey Cohen, Angela Ritchie, Harry Jacobs
David Leistman Division II Awards Co Chairs: Jack Kaley, Tom Postel
Founders Cup Chair Angela Ritchie, Tom Susko
9/11Memorial / Regan’s Rock Clean up Committee Chair Billy Rebman, Tom Campolettano, Greg Lane, Hutch
Unsung Hero / Heroine Awards Chair Angela Ritchie, Tom Susko
Scholarship Al HodishPeter Ausili, Greg Lane, Dawn Schackles, Howie Borkan, Angela Ritchie, Jack Kaley
Corporate Sponsors Joe DeSimone
Website / Public Relations ( Chair Barry Cohen, Joe DeSimone
Calendar President
High School Coaches Clinic Chair Jack KaleyGreg Lane, Tim Tuttle
US Lacrosse Level 1 & 2 Coaches Clinic Chair OPEN Melissa, Frank Sammartano, Sallie Phillips, Hutch
School Girls National Tournament Chair – Melissa D’Angelo, Sallie, Carol Ann, Roe Gioia

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