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For many years now the LIMLF has helped support and spread the great game of lacrosse throughout the NYC-LI metropolitan region.  Many of our activities go unnoticed despite the fact that they often have profound impacts on the communities and individuals we serve. Led by long-time Director and past President Charlie Russo and lacrosse enthusiasts who volunteer their time, the LIMLF’s Outreach program epitomizes what we’re all about.  As you will note from the examples listed below, the LIMLF’s Outreach program is a multi-faceted effort that brings the joy of our sport to a diverse and growing lacrosse community in many ways.

Please check back from time to time as we’re in the process of posting more reports on our Outreach efforts.

LIMLF Teams-Up with Nassau County PAL Special Needs Lacrosse Program:The LIMLF recently helped a special group of young lax players who were introduced to the game by some wonderful volunteers from the Nassau County PAL Special Needs Lacrosse Program. Below is a quote from the Director of that Program:

The Nassau County Pal Special Needs Lacrosse Program is now in its second year. The program was started to give children and young adults with special needs an opportunity to learn and play lacrosse in a supportive setting. With the help of our many volunteers, the athletes are grouped according to age and ability in order to maximize learning and fun. Through donations and support from the Long Island Metropolitan Lacrosse Foundation, our special needs laxers are now able to play fun games with our friends from other challenger/special needs lacrosse groups. The “knights” will play a full schedule in 2013!!”

Mike Nelson
NCPAL Special Needs Lax


(Here are a couple of pictures from the NCPAL Special Needs Clinic held in April. To see more photos from the day, click HERE and go to the April 2013 NCPAL Special Needs Clinic album)

Helping Establish New Lax Programs And Resurrecting Old Ones:

One of the things that the LIMLF’s Outreach program does, and does well, is help spread the game to areas that have not previously played the sport.  This is not a simple task and it is often complicated by the fact that the school or town that wants to create a lax program does not have the financial means to make it happen.  Relying largely on funds raised by the LIMLF and equipment donated by Towns with established lacrosse programs and by individuals, the LIMLF has equipped many new players with the sticks, helmets, gloves and arm pads they need to participate in the sport. The works does not end there.  Volunteers are then dispatched to work with the new programs’ administrators and coaches to teach them how to run lacrosse programs and coach lacrosse.

Thus far, through the efforts of its volunteers, the LIMLF has helped start, support and/or resurrect a number of lacrosse programs, including Greenport High School, the Brooklyn Admirals, the Brooklyn Prospect Charter School and programs in the Hempstead and Roosevelt School Districts.

As noted, our Outreach Program relies primarily on donated funds and equipment. If you love the game like we do, and believe that every boy and girl in our area deserves a shot at playing lacrosse, there are a number of ways you can help. For one, we are always in need of good lacrosse equipment. Sticks, helmets, gloves and arm pads that are in reasonably good shape top the list. Many people have donated equipment in the past and some, including some Board members, have spent countless hours stringing new sticks so that these kids can have the opportunity to play the sport we love.

If you want to help this great program or need help with starting a program, please contact Charlie Russo atCCR@RKWCLaw.com


  1. My name is Dan Flynn and I’m interested in becoming an assistant lacrosse coach on a volunteer basis. I live in East Meadow ny. I played crease attack for 18 yrs. Please let me know how to get started . Thanks.

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