Hall of Fame

The Long Island Metropolitan Lacrosse Foundation created and has run the Long Island Lacrosse Hall of Fame since its inception in 1985.  It  is one of the central functions of the LIMLF, to help protect and extend the heritage of lacrosse on Long Island and honor those individuals who have been most important in the development and continuity of this wonderful game.  Lacrosse is a very important game to Long Island, and we are justly proud of this heritage, and feel honored to be entrusted with the responsibility to extend the knowlege, standards and love of this fine game.

Each year the LIMLF hosts a Hall of Fame Dinner at which several individuals are inducted into the Long Island Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  These inductees are from several different categories – coaches, officials, players.  They are nominated by the Board of the LIMLF and voted on by the general membership of LIMLF.

To see all of the members of the LIMLF Hall of Fame Click here: Hall of Fame Members

To nominate yourself or another person for the Hall of Fame please fill out the online form below:



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