September 11th Memorial at Farmingdale State University’s Nold Hall Athletic Facility has been updated and improved.

Soon after the tragic events of 9/11, members of the LIMLF realized that amongst the lost were 29 lacrosse players from our area.  To honor those players, the LIMLF, with assistance from Farmingdale State University and many others, created the LI 9/11 Lacrosse Memorial.  The Memorial was dedicated on September 9, 2005 with family members of those lost in attendance.  Each family was presented with a six-by-six inch replica on which is inscribed the name of their loved one.  Located at the Farmingdale State University Campus outside of the Nold Hall Athletic Facility, the Memorial was commissioned in Tulsa, Oklahoma and consists of an eight-by-six foot black granite dedication stone, and is flanked by two black granite towers that have been inscribed with the names of the twenty-nine players.

Plans have begun to Re-dedicate this memorial for the 20th anniversary in 2021. The LIMLF would like to add the names of the 1st Responders and all others who have given their lives due to this tragic attack. Please email us the names of anyone who had ties with the sport of Lacrosse and who lost their lives due to this tragedy. Their names will be added with the others at this memorial in honor of their sacrifice.