2019 US Lacrosse School Girls Tryout Date set for April 28th

Established in 1980, this division features high school aged players representing the US Lacrosse region in which they live and play. Approximately 64 teams are expected to compete and are placed into seven (7) divisions, which are further broken into pools. The Valerie Walchak Trophy is awarded to the winning team in the Onondaga Division.

Who Can Play?

All girls that are high school varsity players, grades 9-11, or play for an approved scholastic club team, can try out for the NT. Please contact your coach or your sub-regional chair for the specific process and details for your area. For example, some regions require try-out invitations. Requirements vary by sub-region. Please us the grid attached below for region-by-region tryout information.

Costs & Fees

Player fees are required to participate and will be paid to the Sub-Regional Chair or Team Coordinator. There may be a tryout fee and there may be an additional fee for those that are selected to a team. These fees vary from region to region and will cover the costs of tryouts, uniforms and other expenses.

Tryout Fees
  • Non-refundable and not to exceed $50.
  • These fees offset expenses for the tryout fields, officials and coaches.
Tournament Team Fees
  • Additional team expenses (after excess tryout fees are used) are determined and collected by the Sub-Regional selection chairs. These are used to offset the cost of the tournament fee, uniforms, tournament coaches’ travel and lodging expenses.

Tryout Registration Process – Register Online

You will be asked to provide your contact information and you must be a current US Lacrosse member through the end of the tournament. The information you provide is included in the college coaches recruiting handbook. Once you complete the online registration form, the confirmation screen will provide further information (i.e. – where to send tryout fee, confirmed date/time/location of tryout, etc.). You will also receive a confirmation e-mail upon completing the registration form.

Tournament Check-In

Schoolgirl players DO NOT check-in at this event. Check-in is for COACHES ONLY.

Players: Find out from your coach before you arrive where to meet to receive team uniforms and last minute details.

Sub-Regional Coordinator Information

  • NT Sub-Regional Chair Handbook (coming)
  • Online Team Payment (coming)
  • Sub-Regional Selector Application (coming)
  • Tournament Coach Application (coming)

The Long Island National Schoolgirls Tournament Tryouts registration